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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by bjbest, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Jul 16, 2003
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Major problem with Extensis Suitcase...

    Everything was fine until this morning when Suitcase (10.1.3) seemed to stop working. So I removed the app and all the files I could find in both system folders (X 10.2.6 & Classic) after doing all the routine rule out stuff. I then downloaded the latest version of Suitcase 10.2.2

    The following error message comes when trying to install both ES 10.1.3 & 10.2.2

    "This installation requires a System Folder on the destination drive. The installation has been cancelled.

    1008:1,-43 File not Found"


    The only way I could get anything was to set the installer to run under classic via get info,

    Suitcase looks like it has Installed but when launched...

    New set clicked then folder named .... Suitcase hangs
    Select a set ... Suitcase hangs
    or ... Suitcase just hangs

    Another thing... if I click on a link in internet explorer to download a file nothing happens, I must "download link to disk" I have even got a warning stating that there is not enough space on my HD... HaHa I think not matey coz I got 34GB free you see... perhaps related?

    I have run disk utility, tested the permissions, that didn't solve anything, booted up from my CD tested the disk, disk was fine, ran a hardware test again fine.

    Arrrrrgggggg anybody got any ideas.


    I've been scouring different sites to get an answer to this dilema... Alas none BUT I found this on version tracker under font Reserve.... So... is it really Suitcase???

    Four things in common
    1. PowerBook G4
    2. System 10.2.6
    3. Very similar (if not the same) error message with an installer.
    4. Both problems with Font software, perhaps coincidence.

    Font Reserve Posting - "Just like with the last Updater, when I try to install version 3.1.2 the installer tells me that there is no System folder on my computer. Which there is! I have a PowerBook G4 with System 10.2.6. What to do? "
  2. bjbest thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 16, 2003
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    What Extensis had to say...

    This is problem is due to OS X permissions conflicts. You should remove your
    current installation of Suitcase, including the OS X and Classic preference
    files and then download and install using the manual installer file
    available from;

    I'll let you know if it works incase anyone else is in the same boat


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