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    Nov 4, 2012

    i downloaded and installed chrome for mac, this is myt first day with mac so bear with me :)

    now there is an icon on the desktop which looks like a white disc drive in the top right corner with chrome written below it/icon in it

    and there is a smaller than normal window pops up that shows the icon of chrome an arrow downwards and then a folder which to me looks like the app folder?

    what does this all mean?
    ill tell you when i saw the smaller window i pulled the google chrome icon to the desktop, it then said copying to desktop blah blah, then i put it where i intended to in the quicklaunch bar or whatever that bottom bar is called

    id like to know what i did and if theres anything i can do to clean up my desktop more

    i tried to attach photos to the post but it only let me choose the iphoto library or apeture library, i dont know what the hell that meant, but then a spinning color wheel came up and so i quit that

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    As explained in the first link I provided about installing applications in Mac OS X, you download the DMG (Disk iMaGe), mount it (via double clicking it, unless it mounts automatically after it has finished downloading), grab the application and drag it to the Applications folder (sometimes mounted disk images provide an alias (shortcut) to the Applications folder upon you can drag the application, which then gets copied to the Applications folder. After that is done, you eject the disk image via CMD+E or dragging it to the Trash (from the Desktop) and then delete the DMG file.

    The quick launch bar is called "Dock".

    Basic Mac OS X Graphical User Interface (GUI) Elements
    clickable for bigger picture
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    Nov 4, 2012
    okay thanks my friend,

    i realized immidiately after i posted i missed link

    ill bb


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