Installed External SSD and my Mouse is now lagging

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by I Need a Drink, Nov 21, 2016.

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    I installed a EVO 850 SSD in a Inateck FE2002 enclosure. This is a USB 3 enclosure. As soon as I hooked it up, before I even installed macOS on the drive, my Magic Mouse (Bluetooth) started stuttering and lagging. Everything was working fine before I hooked up the new drive. The mouse is about 2' away from the Mini. After I installed the OS and booted the drive, my mouse is still occasionally lagging and stuttering. Anyone have this problem and can it be solved?
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    Yes! Radio interference between USB3 devices and Bluetooth devices on some Apple products is a known problem. I don't think there's a perfect fix, other than keeping the USB 3 devices as far away as possible. :(

    Here's Apple's support page for the problem:
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    Some thoughts...

    - Try the drive in a different USB port on the back of the Mini.

    - Relocate the physical location of the drive to different locations to see if that affects mouse performance.

    - Try a LONGER USB connecting cable from the Mini to the drive.

    The idea is to move the source of the interference from the bluetooth receiver.
    A short "relocation" may make a significant improvement.

    Is the Inateck enclosure plastic?
    You might also try a -metal- USB3 enclosure...
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