installed new lcd and digitizer, worked for a bit now wont charge or turn on

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by gatts6025, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Ipod touch 2g

    Ok this has been my trial pod. Installed a new screen, cracked it installing it, installed a new screen cracked the lcd, installed new lcd and it worked then I went to put the digitizer on which worked except for the home/back button. I left it alone for a bit and went back to it now it won't turn on or charge at all. Checked the charger, it works on my ipod nano. I dont know what happened but everything except the home button worked after installing lcd and digitizer (did not push the digitizer all the way down in case I couldn't get home button working). Can't get any response from it now, anyone got an idea?
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    Apr 26, 2013
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    IPOD touch 4g wont chaarge

    i know this is a bit old, but i am basically having the same problem! and i was wondering if you had ever figured out a solution or if you found out what went wrong with the ipod?
    heres my story if anyone can help!!
    i replaced my screen, and putting the new screen in- it did not sit in the frame properly. (while taking the old screen out, some parts of the plastic black frame was broken,) so it just wasnt going to sit 100% PERFECT like it would have if it was new. but it worked fine anyway. when the ipod was turned on tho i could see light shining are certian areas around the screen wher it didnt sit properly and in the front camara hole... but despite that it worked!
    my home button i did not put back in when restalling the new screen, bc it was not working with the plastic button with the square on it, but if i manualy pushed the little metel button under it- it did work, and looking online i found that basically all i needed to do was bond a small thin piece of metal on the top of the actual button, and replace the plastic button with the square and it should work fine! (guess this happens alot with apple) . so i decided to not put the plastic buton back in when i replaced the screen and would manually push the button until i got it fixed. and it worked fine.
    i found out later that i could use the assisted touch feature -which i began using instead. well because the button wasnt replaced, obviously there was a hole where the button should be, and to keep dust out of it i put a small piece of electrical tape over the button hole- which kept dust from gettin in and also aloud me to stil be able to push the button in,

    ok, so, a week or two goes by and everything is fine with the ipod. i got a rubbery cover case to put on the ipod so that the small areas where the screen wasnt fitting right becase of the frame being broken off, was being covered or blocked from any air or dirt or dust to get in.
    than my daughter says that her ipod wasnt charging, so i tried my ipod on the ipod charger to see if it was the charger, and no luck- so i went and got a new charger...the new charger worked fine for my daughters ipod touch 4g. it charged fine. still does! and my ipod just wouldnt charge with it!! so i thought maybe i needed more of a charger? so i used a few diffeernt wall chargers and none would charge my ipod! i tried plugging it into the computer with the itunes and at first it wasnt recognizing it. i tried holding the power button than the home button and the whole picture of the charger pointing to itunes pops up, and when i did plug it back into the itunes, it did recognizes it. but wont charge!!! the thing that confuses me is it shows that it is charging! the red lightning bolt than it turns itself on, and the green battery display shows it is charging!!! BUT ITS NOT. i can leave it plugged in hours and it will say its charging but once i unplug it, it will die within minutes??
    and sometimes when i plug it in it wont even say its charging at all....

    i tried to restore it or update it-- and it said 3 hours left.... and once it gets down to about 30 mins left, i hear a DING and my ipod has a yellow triangle that has an exclamation point and it says TEMPETURE, IPOD NEEDS TO COOL OFF BEFORE USE and the download stops..... but the ipod isnt hot??? not even a tiny bit warm...
    if u or anyone knows what my ipod is doing PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANKS!!

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