Installed Privoxy Don't know how to uninstall


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Oct 7, 2003
I installed privoxy on a leopard mac. it's slowing down browsing and i have no idea how to uninstall it. it doesn't show up under a search. anyone konw.


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Feb 13, 2007
that last tip worked although i did not use the terminal but instead went through finder to the Privoxy folder and found the 'uninstall' app. Did everything automatically after I clicked on it although you need admin permission on your machine to complete the process.

uncle charlie

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Jan 21, 2011
uk mostly
remove tor vidalia privoxy

You're using Tor and Privoxy? I found this page, Uninstallation instructions are at the bottom, it seems there is shell script that can be run to uninstall everything.
thanks man, this completely helped, although it require me entering my log in to allow it to go to the trash, so i suggest going off line to trash the folders from the library, to insure nothing of your personal info is being sent remote. tor never really worked very well for me. it required mozilla which is sluggish and slow and now doesn't even stream on youtube. soon we will need terrabytes just to view page content. pulle-e-ease!!

life can be so haaard.
uncle charlie

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