Installed Windows 7/ Downloaded Correct Bootcamp Support / No luck

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by masterolive, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Hello, i hope someone can help,
    i have repeated this whole process 3 times already, it has taken 8 strait hours of my time and i still have had no success.

    To put it simply, After windows is up and running on my mac, the wireless network wont work, so i cannot download the hot fix, and the support driver files from bootcamp will not open because it says they are not "32 Valid" ?. But im using a 64bit disk.

    The wireless network adaptor automatically doesn't work on windows right after installation,
    so i had to load the Hot Fix onto an SD card along with the bootcamp drivers, then open the hotfix file in windows.

    The first time i was able to install the fix, windows restarted and installed the update, logged back on... and nothing changed.
    At that point i attempted to open the "Setup" file in the bootcamp support folder, and an error message came up saying it wasn't valid.

    LONGER EXPLANATION OF MY COMPLETE PROCESS: (to cancel out any questions)

    i was able to find my support driver from here:

    its some old fashion coded page that has a bunch of apple drivers you can download by pasting one of the codes in your browser,
    i searched for bootcamp support drivers, and found the code for my exact model (Mac Pro 8,2)
    i was able to manually downloaded the drivers instead of using bootcamp assistant.

    As a side note,
    i was able to download the bootcamp drivers via boot camp assistant after the 5th try,
    so now i have both files that i know are supposed to work 100%. they are loaded and unzipped on an SD card like they are supposed to be for when i open windows.

    I have a Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bit CD from the inlaws so i used that CD after i partitioned my drive in bootcamp.

    Bootcamp run like it was supposed to, and i followed step by step instructions in this video:

    once windows was finished installing,
    it automatically would not detect a network card, so i couldn't connect to the internet and download the apples bug fix. (The Hot fix)
    instead i downloaded the hot fix on a separate SD card, turned windows back on and loaded the hot fix from the SD card.
    Windows installed the hot fix update, restarted, but nothing changed.

    Ive even tried skipping right to uploading the drivers, and windows wont activate the support because it says its not "32 Valid"

    I completely removed windows 7 vis bootcamp to rinse and repeat hoping i made a simple mistake, but no same thing happened.

    -im Wondering if i should "Istall important Windows Updates" during the begining of windows preperation...
    maybe that will fix the issues of it not reconizing wierless network, and not being able to upen up the bootcamp file?
    (it says you are not supposed to install any windows updates untill the HOT FIX and BOOTCAMP SUPPORT is activated on windows)
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    Sorry I didn't get a chance to read your whole process in detail but something I want you to try:

    IF you can see networks but you just don't connect to them (or you connect and you can't see pages) do this:

    Go to start -> run -> type CMD and hit enter.

    When the command prompt appears type this:

    netsh winsock reset

    Hit enter and restart your machine.

    See if that allows you to connect.

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