Installing 7200 drive in Plastic Macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by qsoundrich, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Dec 23, 2007
    I just wanted to do a quick writeup of what I've learned from upgrading my 2006 White Macbook from a 60gb 5400 Seagate drive (came with it) to the 7200 RPM 320 GB Western Digital Scorpio Black.

    First of all, there's some discussion of whether the new drive vibrates, and the answer is yes it does to some degree. The 5400 isn't even perceptible, but the Scorpio Black makes the entire machine feel more like a computer instead of just a paperweight. (if that makes sense) Finder seems to work a little quicker now and programs load faster. I think the 16MB cache helps a lot in this respect (vs. 8MB for most 5400 drives.)

    My computer has Tiger and boot camp beta installed with a split drive between Windows and Mac. I realized that I could not really rescue the Windows partition using Tiger, but apparently this is possible with a program called winclone on a Leopard machine. So I'm going to put the old drive into an external usb case for when or if I need Windows down the road.

    Here's what you need to do this:
    1. An External USB drive bigger than your internal drive (or with more space than the stuff you want to keep). Mine is 160GB.
    2. Tiny/Jeweler size Philips screwdriver
    3. Size 8 Torx driver. This is smaller than most sets provide, so you will probably need to go to Sears or a good hardware store and pick up one of this size for about $4.
    4. a coin

    A. Connect the USB drive to your macbook. Open Disk Utility and make sure the drive is formatted GUID with OSX Filesystem (Journaled). If you have a Windows files system on your external drive, this WILL NOT WORK.
    B. Download Carbon Copy Cloner. Start up the program and start a backup from your original hard drive over to the USB drive. You may get a couple of error messages, but they probably don't matter.
    C. Reboot the computer and make sure you can boot into the USB drive. You do this by holding Option when the computer makes the startup sound.
    D. If everything looks good on the USB drive, you can shut down the computer.
    E. Remove the battery with the coin.
    F. Take off the metal L-shaped thing that holds in the memory and the hard drive. You need to undo 3 little phillips screws.
    G. Pull the white plastic strip to remove the hard drive. Need to be careful at this point to avoid any static discharges, so take at least one shoe off and make sure your foot is on the ground.
    H. Use the size 8 Torx to remove the hard drive carriage. Replace the old drive with the new one. Put the old one into the static bag.
    I. Put everything back together. Note: when replacing the L-bracket, you should use a small flat-head screwdriver to stuff the memory buffer material back into their slots. Start up the computer.

    Should boot into OSX, but you may have to hold the option key to get it to boot up. I've had this problem, but I think I may not have used GUID to format the disk.

    Hope that helps.
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    I have a 320GB WD black. I can hear the hard drive at all times. Even when my MacBook is just idling at the desktop. It is really annoying. The drive is super fast however.

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