Installing a Second HDD in 2010 iMac with just SSD

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Lukeyy19, Mar 1, 2012.

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    So when I bought my Late 2010 iMac brand new from a reseller, it happened to come with the 256 SSD option, as it's only drive, which i was, and still am happy with but my bootcamp partition takes up a lot of this space and even then is almost full and i would like to make bigger, also I only have about 50GB left on my SSD for OS X, which isn't much if you need to work with large files, and I'm trying to find out whether i can install a standard 1TB drive as a second drive to act partly as a second OS X HDD and hold the bootcamp partition, i do have an external HDD but obviously you can't use that for bootcamp.

    I've been looking on the web and searching these forums, i can't seem to find anything relating to a scenario like this, but what I have been able to find out is that it appears if you purchase an iMac from Apple with both drives, the SSD goes in a special mount only installed in this instance. but if you only have a standard HDD, you need a this mount and special cables to add an SSD.

    Does this mean that my iMac that only has the SSD has it installed in to this special mount with an empty space where i can easy install a regular HDD? or is the SSD installed in the regular HDD slot, making adding another drive difficult?

    if anyone could answer this question to save me taking my iMac apart to find out, i'd be very grateful, cheers.
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    Second drive in iMac

    I'm interested in doing the same thing in my iMac, only in reverse. I want to install a SSD and keep the factory installed HDD. There's a bit of controversy about how feasible this is and if it voids the warranty. An alternative is replacing the factory installed HDD with a SSD and then plugging in a USB-ported HDD for all my content. I worry this will slow everything down though because the input speeds will be much slower than an internally installed SATA HDD.

    Let's see if any experts here can enlighten us.

    Good luck.

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