Installing a SSD in an iMac?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by GFLPraxis, Oct 2, 2010.

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    I was looking at buying a refurb iMac from Apple, but as doing so throws away BTO options, I'd be getting a ~1 TB drive with it. What does it take to get a SSD installed without voiding the warranty? Can I just pick up any old SATA SSD off of NewEgg?

    And if I can't do it myself without voiding the warranty...Apple just opened a new Apple Store five minutes from my house. Can the Genius Bar do it for me, and how much of a fee should I be expecting?
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    It shouldn't void your warranty if you don't break anything. Just remove the SSD and all things you did if you have to send it for repair.

    At least resellers are able to install the SSD as a mate of mine asked from a Finnish reseller and they said they can do that for 200€. Not sure does Apple have different policy about this but pay them a visit or give a call
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    They aren't allowed to do it for you, only 3rd party resellers and local repair shops can.

    We have several threads in this very subforum on installing your own SSD. Technically, opening up the computer will void your warranty, but in reality, if you don't damage anything, Apple has no grounds to say your warranty was voided. You'd just have to make sure to replace the SSD with stock HDD whenever you take the computer to Apple.
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    That...looks scary...


    You have to remove the logic board?

    I didn't realize there was room for a second drive in the 27". I might just get a local shop to do it simply because pulling out the logic board scares the crap out of me. :D

    Thanks much.

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