Installing a SSD in the 13.3MBP - what to expect


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May 2, 2008
From the basic 250 gig 5400RPM drive, should I see significant performance improvements? My primary use for my laptop will be music editing, I'll be working with 15-20 meg mp3 files, and my live mix sets will be recorded in wav so those are like 700 megs. I'm assuming, especially with the 700 meg file, I will see significant performance improvement reading and writing the file, but I could be wrong. ;)

What is the best bang for the buck in a SSD right now?


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Mar 18, 2009
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Go with an 80Gig Intel G2.
I'd probably want to go with something bigger for music editing, unless I exported everything all the time. I'm looking for a similar setup, but haven't found any 256Gb SSDs that are less than $649. Hopefully we'll see more price drops in January.


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Dec 8, 2009
good level of write speed if you are going to edit big files

From my own experience you should make your choice for a device with a good level of write speed (reading speed on most of SSD is really good).
A year ago I replaced HDD in my MB with a Transcend 128Gb MLC SSD and quite happy with it even though sometime it's being really slow when I am copying a big files on it. Additionally manufacturer recommended do not use it as the system disc (mostly because OS may wear MLC cells in short period if OS frequently using disc for it's own needs). But I have neglected that because I am using Mac OS ;) and that made a life of SDD much easier (and thanks to Time capsule & backup machine it looks like I am protected), I was looking for improving battery life (now it works significantly longer up to the same 7 hours like in the new MBPs) and another thing the price it was really chipper then SSD from the others manufacturers.

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