installing a ssl cert on iphone

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    hi, i'm wondering if someone can help me here. i have a windows server at home i run utorrent and it's webui on. i have installed stunnel so i can connect to the webui via ssl and have installed a self-signed certificate. this has been working for quite some time although whenever i visit the url of the webui on my iphone i am prompted to "accept website certificate" and "the certificate for this website is invalid" which is to be expected because i am using a self-signed certificate. i've been trying to get this message to go away and have tried installing my cert on my iphone (in .crt and .der formats) but i still get the prompt. does the installing of certs on the iphone only apply to mail or does it work for websites as well? am i doing something wrong here? is this even possible?
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Im wondering the same thing its not letting me encrypt or key my outgoing mail
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    installing a ssl cert on iPhone

    Hello interconnect,

    I have news that say something like this " Microsoft is going to ban cryptography key less than 1024 bits. If your certificate signed with, low, cryptography key than it is, a problematic situation because it will not authenticate your site and therefore customer might move to other site that will hammer your image. If you only have publicly trusted certificates from reputable sellers, there is nothing to worry. If your certificate belongs to local vendor and does not follow the common certificate policy rules, it will suffer from this new rule. "

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