Installing and Translating iComic (see post #4-ish)

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by Star Destroyer, Apr 12, 2008.

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    The other day i was trying to find a comic viewer for my touch, and i came across iComic, i have heard nothing about it other then it works. Now that i have gone to the google code page and downloaded the file, its sitting on my desktop and i was wondering how do i get this app on my Touch?

    I have a mac, i have SSH, i have no idea what to do app wise (i have made my own icon set and loaded that as well as background changes, the basics, but there are no instructions from this developer on how to get it on the touch!)


    ALSO does anyone know of any other comic viewer apps ? (to read .cbr files)
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    Oh thats neat, yeah i did watch that video.

    I knew it was not in english, but as long as i can get a comic to open and then turn the pages thats all i want.

    Would you be able to tell me how to install it ? i DL'd the google code, but the instructions where not in english (as you know) and i dont currently know how to get it on my Touch,


    PS- did you get it to work? or was it un-usable?
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    Okay, i have figured it all out, and it works.

    In order to use iComic, you can use the janpanese version or it can be translated. Using the thread here:

    I managed to follow through and translate it all so it can be used by the non-japanese speaking Touch users.

    Basically you need to SSH into your touch
    Copy the Comic viewer app into the Applications folder
    Open the Comic viewer folder, and in it change a few things:
    Open the attached file named "localization.txt" and highlight all, copy that
    Now in the SSH client open the Localization.strings file, and replace that whole file with what was in the localization.txt (i would attached the new localization.strings file, but MR wont let me attach a .strings suffix)
    Now do the same with the 'info.txt' and the info.plist (same reason i didnt attach it)

    Now it should all be translated!
    The japanese buttons remain but we all know Blue means its on grey means its off.


    Also, to add comics! oooops!

    You need to go to the <root>/private/var/root/mobile/Media/Comic in the SSH client (most likely you will have to make the Comic file yourself) now add your comics in .zip format and your off... i havent actually added comics but this is how the linked thread to do it (for those not registrared)

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