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Discussion in 'macOS' started by moea, Oct 25, 2008.

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    I am using a Mac G4. I have upgraded to OS 10.4.11. I need to install Classic for some older applications I use. How do I go about this?

    Do I need to use my original OS Discs and reinitialize my hard drive? Do I then upgrade that system to 10.4.11? If so, then when i previously upgraded to 10.4.11, it must have dropped Classic. How do I avoid that happening again?

    is there anyway to avoid having to reinitialize?

    I have a Maxtor external Hard Drive. i use for backup. Can I install Classic on it, and use it as a startup disc when I need to use those Apps?
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    Depending on the G4 mac model that you have, some were able to boot in MacOS 9 and other were only able to run MacOS 9 on Classic mode = no boot, only open it as another application on MacOS X.

    Anyway, I think you can use the other hard drive to run MacOS 9 either by booting from it (if your mac can) or running Classic.

    I believe that to install MacOS 9 you will need the discs.

    Here is a link where you can download some updates in case you need them:
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    Well first off there may be some confusion in your question about Classic itself, since you asked about booting Classic from an external drive, so I want to approach that first.

    While booted into OSX, Classic is the OS9 support mode in that many OS9 programs will run fine. On the other hand you are describing booting directly from OS9 in your question about the external drive. I only describe this difference because during the time frame of the G4 models of Macs, direct booting from OS9 was dropped, so before we can find out if that is even a possibility from your machine we would need to know the specific model.

    Now back to Classic installation- I just found a great page to deal with this which is the entire Classic chapter from "Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickStart Guide" which has been released to the public domain by the author. Go to Maria's Guides and you will see a link in blue to download the entire chaper in a PDF file. This will give far more detailed information than we could give in a forum- and covers both installing Classic from your Software Restore disks OR via installing OS9 directly. I am keeping this page for future reference to Classic queries! :)

    EDIT: BTW- there should be no need whatsoever to reinitialize. You will be adding the "Classic Environment" to the existing software installation.
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    If your computer can boot MacOS 9, then it probably shipped with MacOS 9 preinstalled. Most G4's that cannot boot MacOS 9 shipped with USB 2. However, it should have still shipped with Classic preinstalled. If it did not ship with Classic preinstalled, then Classic can be installed from your System Restore disc.
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    If the 'install OS 9 Drivers' box was checked off when you installed 10.4.11 you should be ok without re-initializing.

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