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    I am creating a Poster later on in Photoshop CS6. I have 600 fonts in a zip folder from my old Windows 7 PC all in .TTF Will my iMac late 2012 accept them also it is possible to create a folder in Apples fonts folder to keep them separate from original apple fonts for example folder name Fonts\installed fonts will photoshop still pick them up?
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    Yes, you can import them, and yes, they will be available in Photoshop and most of your other programs.

    When you import them in Font Book they will go into the User folder you can organize them into various "collection" folders, including making your own collections & naming them however you choose. Font Book is like iPhoto in the sense that it's a data base with everything in one place but which is organized with tags so that you can drag a font into any collection folder ---or multiple folders if you want, it doesn't duplicate the fonts. For instance, using the + at the bottom left of the Font Book pane, you can make a new collection titled "MS Fonts" and then drag one of your MS fonts from the general list on the right into that MS folder on the left, and also into "Favorites" collection, and "Fun Fonts", "Ornaments", "Grungey", etc. etc., or by projects folders.

    Off hand I can't remember the specifics to importing a huge 600 font folder into Font Book, rather than importing one by one, but I did it myself when I upgraded to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard. I did an internet search on how to locate the font library, how to move your fonts, etc. I also found a good article about organizing all your fonts into useful categories and spent a few days, off and on, going through the whole library after importing, and organizing new collections folders.

    Here are a couple to get you started:

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