Installing Leopard on 2 Macs


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Sep 13, 2002
Surrey, UK
I've just installed it on my Powermac G5, and would also like to install it on my year-old iMac at my work.

Will it be possible to do this? I did just buy the single-license, but I don't see anything to stop me installing it again on another machine from the DVD?

Sky Blue

Jan 8, 2005
technically, the disc won't stop you installing it, but in doing so you are breaking the terms of the license.


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Apr 7, 2006
but be aware if you ever want to use the computers on the same network.

I did this with a powermac and an imac in my house when tiger came out, i could not share files between the two computers, they just wouldn't talk so i ending up buying a macbook pro to with tiger pre-installed to replace the powermac.


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Jul 14, 2007
I bought the Family pack. My wife-to-be and I split the cost and installed it on both of ours. I like having 5 licenses just in case I decide to get more Macs. I'd love to get a MacBook Pro in the future but that should come with a copy preinstalled. If I start dumpster diving on eBay I might pick up an older iMac and/or powerbook just for the sake of having 'em. Then the extra Leopard installs would come in really handy.
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