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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by twomiracles, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I want to upgrade my iMac to Leopard so that it is running the same version of the OS as my MacBook. I can get a great deal on it at the University bookstore which is a couple of hours away and plan to purchase that way, but I want to go ahead and install for a couple of reasons. First, there are a couple of MacHeist Apps and MS Office that I want to install now and it seems silly to install, then have to install again in a week or two when I have the time and money to go buy Leopard. Second, I'd like to run it with my apps to be sure there are no problems before I invest the money. So, what I need to know is, can I install Leopard on my iMac with my MacBook install discs? I have read a thread or two and I'm pretty sure the answer is Yes, but I am unable to find the particular thread I looked at a couple of days ago and when I noticed that the discs actually say MacBook on them, I wanted to be sure it would work before I started.

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    the disks you get with you computer are specific to your computer.

    which is why on it, it will say "OS X 10.5 iMac Install Disk" for example

    if you buy leopard after market straight off the shelf it'll work on any mac that meets the specs

    ALSO: if you're main concern is reinstalling applications, consider an "archive and install" which will upgrade from itger->leopard and retain all accounts/settings/applications/information on the computer currently
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    Okay, let's say, then, I want to just clean up this one and trudge on until I get up there to buy Leopard. I have gone install crazy trying to find an app or two to suit a particular need and rather than use AppZapper (which I didn't have installed), just put them in the trash. Any good suggestions to clean all this mess up without reinstalling the OS? That's one reason I wanted to just do a fresh install and wouldn't have used the "archive and install" utility. Be kind, I've only been a Mac user for a little over a year and when I used a PC, I had to reinstall the OS about every six months (and that's why I'm now a Mac user).

    I suppose one other option would be to just reinstall Tiger clean, then do the archive and install when I get to upgrade to Leopard?
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    If the apps you're talking about didn't come with an installer, and you just copied the apps to your applications folder, then you be rid of any unused application data by creating a new osx account and moving your documents over to that.

    Better yet, back up the files you do want and install Leopard clean. You may find that so many applications have leopard-specific updates that you will end up with a cleaner system if you install those from scratch aswell.

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