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Mar 29, 2004
Just outside Boston, MA.
Hey guys, so I have an iPad Air 2 on iOS 8.4.0 jailbroken, and a clever developer came up with a way to sort of run Mac OS X El Capitan on iOS devices as seen in this video:


Before anyone says it, yes I'm aware that's not really El Capitan running there, but more of a skin/frontend for some iOS apps with the OS X UI atop.

With that being possible, is there a way to run a Linux distro in the same way or even natively via a dual boot? On older devices such as the HP TouchPad you could run webOS as well as a full blown Linux OS in a sort of virtual environment. It was slow, since the TouchPad only has 1GB of RAM, and a good portion of that was used to run webOS itself.

If this is possible it'd be cool to run Funtoo Linux (a derivative of Gentoo Linux) on an Apple AX chip (A8X in my case).
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