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Oct 20, 2017
Not sure if you even can.

There is no way I would buy that machine without being able to. I’ve casually googled whether you can but haven’t seen any information. But it seems like if you could, this machine would make a really good Linux machine and I’m assuming the hardware should be compatible with Linux which a lot of Windows machines today aren’t considering the Chrome OS angle.

Anyone have any information on this?


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Sep 24, 2014
You'll want to use crouton to run Linux I do believe it's working for the Pixel book but if not just hang on it will be soon enough.


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Sep 11, 2016
Crouton is still a bit buggy on the Pixelbook. I had it on the machine for a week or so and was trying to work through a few issues before I axed it. I might try again in a few months but I don't really need Linux anymore on ChromeOS due to the Play Store apps.

Everything I use to use Crouton for can now pretty much be replicated with Play Store apps. Of course YMMV and the use of Linux mat be a requirement or a necessity..
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