Installing Lion From USB or DVD

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by b00st4ddicted, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. b00st4ddicted macrumors member

    Apr 20, 2011
    Hi All,

    With the new MBA release it is definitely exciting time. Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to sell mine in time to buy a new one. On the other hand, I went ahead and tried installing Lion on the late 2010 MBA. I followed few website to create installation DVD or USB drive, but for some reason the MBA will not recognize the USB nor the DVD at start up. I am trying to do a clean install. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  2. axu539 macrumors 6502a

    Dec 31, 2010
    Since both the DVD AND USB drives aren't working, my guess is that you didn't get Lion on the USB drive/DVD properly. Maybe you didn't image it right?
  3. b00st4ddicted thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 20, 2011
    I did download the Lion ok. In fact I installed it after few attempts of using DVD and USB. Lion installed ok, but when I tried to do a clean install by using the resintall option, i got a major kernel panic and got to the boot screen with a circle and cross on it. I read somewhere on this form that someone else is having the same issue as me and he had to go through a file called mkboot for the usb to work. The problem is...I couldn't get the mkboot to install either. Any ideas? I am sure I am not the only one that's installing Lion clean LOL

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