Installing Mac Mini inside a car?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by ericksgotmac, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I'm fixing up a car and I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on installing a Mac Mini in a car dashboard? I work with my father and his friends and they know about this kind of stuff but only as far as making a special brace for it and etc. I'm worried about proper cooling and Wifi range, I guess I should also install a SSD in it instead of a HDD because of the constant vibration and harshness of the road?

    One other thing that I really wanted to have done is if it would possible to use the entire car as a WiFi Antenna? This is what I was thinking, would it be possible for me to attach longer antenna's and solder it onto the body of the car in order to boost the signal range? I don't know anything about things like this so if that sounds totally idiotic then bare with me here =p. It's either that or install shark fin antenna's onto the car in which places? Purhaps one near the windshield and one on the trunk?:confused:

    I'll only be using the Mac Mini in the car for basic things music, movies, photos, internet, and other simple things. I rather have OSX then any crappy car stereo or other new contraption to get used to.:cool:
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    #2 has all you need to know, and more. They even have a Mac section in their forums! I was active over there back in the PPC days, and put my PPC Mini in my car. That forum is *awesome*.

    As for the WiFi antennal, I doubt that'll work. You need specific lengths of antennas to receive specific wavelengths, which is why the radio, GPS antennas aren't just soldered to the body. That, and the body is grounded to the battery and noisy as crap electrically.

    Edit: Also, SSD is a must.
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