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    Nov 12, 2012

    Could some one pls help me clarify some things.

    I have a mid 2011 imac which shipped with lion. I have sinced upgraded to mountain lion and now mavericks.

    I am unsure of
    1-If i use recovery hd on boot up to reinstall osx what version will be downloaded and installed, and will this be a clean installation?
    2-Do i need to format the drive for at truly clean install, and if im formatting do i need to use a usb stick with recovery on it so that im not trying to format the drive that im running the disk utilities from, if that makes sense.

    Am i correct in thinking that if i have mavericks i have a mavericks recovery hd and that it will download mavericks, and it would only revert back to lion if i used internet recovery?

    Secondly- I am thinking of running osx off of an external ssd drive, i know there are various ways to install it but what is the best.
    1-download the maverick installer from the app store and then run it in osx and install it to the external drive with the drive formated correctly.
    2-reboot into recovery, use disk utilitity to format the external drive and then install osx which it will download from the internet (if it downloads mavericks that is) and choose the external drive to install on.
    3-download the mavericks installer from app store, make a bootable usb drive and then reboot into that. When you do this does it have its own disk utility within the installer so you can format or do you need go into your original recovery and use disk utility in there first.
    4-once installed can you set a default boot drive or would i have to select it every time on startup, what happens if i remove osx on the internal drive and just have it on the external, will it default to booting from that?
    5- if i have both drives with osx on them when i go into the boot menu would i see 2 macintosh hd's and 2 recovery disks?

    Sorry for the long post but if any one can spare the time to answer this post it would be very much appreciated. Thankyou in advance.

    iMac, Mac OS X (10.9)

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