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Feb 1, 2017
I s;lit some coffee in my u;;er right hand corner of my MB:.....dead key, just one.
Anyone have any clues how to fix? I already ran a hair dryer and halogran lam; on things.

Ordering from where and installation?
Thanks...Mine is the last run of MB: with DVD drive, ethernet, Thunderbolt, Fire wire, twin USB ;orts, SD card short when MacBooks were real Swiss Army knives. Now a;;le sells the swiss Army knife, but only one blade! No tweezers, no scissors, no saw blade!

any advice would be a;;reciated


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Jul 30, 2003
If you have the last DVD model, I assume that you mean a late 2012 13-inch MBPro.
The keyboard is generally replaced by replacing the upper case. has a repair guide for that, along with a link to purchase the replacement top case.
There may be sources for the keyboard, by itself, but Apple only provided the upper case and keyboard as a repair part.


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Aug 13, 2017
you can replace only keyboard, take it to 3rd party service and I'm pretty sure they will help you


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Feb 1, 2017
m chas, losing my keyboard....
am looking for a Thai/English keyboard (no stickers) that ships with
macbook pro in Thailand....yes, to fit mid 2012
[doublepost=1505691379][/doublepost]13 MBP...non retina
[doublepost=1505692782][/doublepost]delta MAC and crew---many thanks...I fo nd a 2nd hand Thai/English keyboard for my A12seven 8
off eBay...$28.
I ap;ologize for gibberish as y keyboard drank some coffee this morn!
I also want to increase stock 8GB RAMC increased to 16GB. hqnch is that I need to rep;lace both
mod-yoo- les
[doublepost=1505693054][/doublepost]eBay link
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