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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by diane143, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I found a planner app I really like. When I went to buy it, I found it was only available on iOS 7 or greater. I had also downloaded the Mac version and found the same thing. The developer does not allow for syncing between devices on their light versions either (I'm running iOS 6 and Mountain Lion). I have both lite versions.

    I found this article

    And an Apple KB

    However, when I try to download it in the iPad I'm not given the option to download an older version. I haven't tried the desktop version as it would be more useful to me on the iPad, though using it on a full keyboard would be wonderful when I'm at my desk. Guess I'm afraid I'll be charged and get an app I can't use.

    I emailed the developer prior to finding the links, and they tell me that Apple controls the apps therefore its only one version. That article says otherwise to me.

    This is the one thing I really dislike about the App Store vs a developer website. The old way, you could almost always get whichever version worked with your hardware, even legacy systems.

    Any thoughts? Has that policy gone away?

    Thanks so much
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    Oct 25, 2008
    I figured it out - at least on the iPad side. I read the entire thread that was started on here from the initial announcement and a couple of things stood out. One, was that people who had already downloaded the app were able to re-download. Then someone was having trouble, and the cloud icon was mentioned. I didn't see a cloud icon in the App Store on the iPad. Someone else had mentioned apps through iTunes, but again I thought this had to do with a previously purchased product.

    This morning I backed up the iPad to the cloud and computer. I decided to try buying the app through iTunes. When I tried it on the iPad, it wouldn't let me due to the OS. This time, it happily took my money, and then told me it couldn't sync due to incompatible versions. I'm still not seeing any cloud icons. I click on my iPad through iTunes, look at the apps tab, right click the app, and still nothing.

    I disconnect the iPad and take a look at the App Store in there. It shows me I've purchased the app, and THERE's the cloud icon! I tap that, and finally get the message that this app is not compatible with my current iOS, would I like to download a previous version.

    I say yes, and there it is!! Very happy.

    Now, can this be done on the desktop or is this feature limited to iOS?

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