Installing OS 9 only on MDD Powermac.


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Aug 13, 2002
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Has anyone figured out a good way to do this? Before you rant about the death of OS 9 and the superiority of OS X, please keep in mind that many professionals are still completely dependant on OS 9. In my case, I use Pro Tools and they have yet to release an OS X version and won't until it is flawless. In an age where the marketing thing to do is realease early and buggy, I applaud them for it. Music professionals don't care about new technology as much as they care about being able to depend on their technology, new or old. I know Quark users are in the same boat.

That said, my new MMD Mac will be a dedicated Pro Tools setup and I don't want extraneous software on it, ie OS X (and some OS 9 components). The only OS 9 install option is to boot into OS X and install using the software restore CD, which will not let you customize the install. Also, it will not let you install onto a partition that doesn't contain OS X. You can't boot or install with previous OS 9 CDs. The only thing I could come up with is to install OS X, do a software restore on 9, then boot into 9 and delete X manually, then customize 9 manually as best as possible. I am not thrilled with this and it is surely not satisfactory for less savvy users. Can anyone suggest an easier method?

As soon as Pro Tools supports OS X, I'm going there, but for now...


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Jun 9, 2002
I have heard that the new PM's will work with 9.2.2 only and that if you buy a 9.2.2 retail box you will be able to install from that. I heard it on these forums so don't quote me, but look around on the jaguar related threads and you'll find it!
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