Installing OSX Mavericks on Macbook Pro 2.2 (late 2006 model)

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by sany72, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. sany72 macrumors newbie

    Dec 29, 2013
    HI Members

    I am totally a newbie to the forum although I own a MacBook pro from 2007. I am not an expert with Mac. I was totally disappointed by the fact that Apple ditched my machine for updates beyond Snow Leopard. (Neither Virgin Mega Stores did a fair job of selling me a latest machine, in the country where I live in, as they sold me a 2006 model MacBook Pro 2.2 in early 2007 while the MacBook Pro 3.X was already out). As a fresher for Mac environment I purchased this new Mac only to realise later my other cousin who chose a MacBook pro as well a couple of months later got the new machine which is currently running Mavericks and I can't. I had totally stopped using the Mac until I saw signs of hope from people successfully installing the new OSX on older Macs in a thread by Oemden (SFOTT) etc.,

    But as mentioned earlier I am not an expert, so can somebody point me to the right place where there is a step by step for doing this. I am not new for rooting devices, installations etc., in other platforms so I think I can fairly perform this task if one is available.

    So please kindly help me to achieve this as well on my MacBook pro without much technical pseudonyms.

    To begin with:
    Is this link for macpro holds good for my MacBook pro as well, can I do the same SFOTT method to create the patch?

    If so please tell me the sequence or confirm whether the below sequence from my understanding is right.

    1. Download the OSX Mavericks installation from the App store
    2. Create the SFOTT using the guide by OEMDEN

    ...and from here I am lost.

    Do I need to run the SFOTT first before installing the Mavericks or install Mavericks and do the patch (is what makes sense)

    Other doubts:
    When we (from unsupported macs like my MacBook pro 2.2) try to access the app store for download, it straight away does not let us go ahead since it says 'this software cannot be installed in this Mac' - so what are the other options for me to get hold of this free OSX Mavericks. 1. Create an image from a friends MacBook pro that can download the OSX Mavericks....2. for those who can't access a friends system what other options exist?

    Please help, this is my last hope with this machine for me.

  2. Ropperlimp macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2014
    Hi Sany,
    Hope you succeed to install Mavericks on your MacBook Pro ? I've got the same model and I'm searching this days how to do that properly. I think I'm gonna use the SFOTT patch before booting on my Mav.key but I still wish to have no issues with kexts.
    If you got informations about that I'm taking !

  3. sany72 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 29, 2013

    Experts please help -

    As you can see above that is my first post here. I installed past snow leopard on my Macbook pro 2.2 following lots of guidance here. I am currently on OSX Lion (returned back from Mountain Lion since the machine was not that responsive). Even now on OSX Lion it is too slow. I would like to go back to my original like how it was when I bought this machine in late 2007.
    I tried to go back to 10.4.8 by using the recovery CD that came with my machine. Whenever I insert this CD and boot the machine, I cannot see this disc neither it loads anything from the disc. I also tried an usb connected optical disc reader, once again I can hear the disc working on the CD when i reboot by holding the options key, I can only see the current OSX Lion drive and a recover drive (for OSX Lion) but could not see the recovery disc. Even in target disc mode I cannot see this.
    As you can see above, I am not an expert with Mac but I suspect all the hacking to enable us install the Lion and Mountain Lion where was not officially supported by the hardware must have changed some boot options. Can anyone help me restore my machine back to Tiger OS please.
    On a side note, I cannot even load a bootable USB disk as well to install any ubuntu etc., because once again these bootable discs cannot be seen or it ignores to see it. But from finder I can see the usb disk.
    Looking forward to your rescue.

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