installing RAM on macbook


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Jul 21, 2007
I recently purchased 2x 1gb sticks of Crucial RAM. The upgrade was based on the fact that my 2.0ghz blackbook was not running CS 3 very well at all with the 1gb of ram that it had in it. Since the upgrade, my macbook has been running much better, so much better in fact that I would like to bump up to 3gb now.

My question is this: Currently, Crucial does not offer 2gb sticks of ram for the macbook ports, but Samsung, OWC, and some others do. If I were to buy a 2gb stick of OWC ram and pair it with one of my current sticks of Crucial 1gb ram, would that be ok? Can I pair two sticks of the same type of Ram from different manufacturers?



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Jan 27, 2007
It is my understanding that the MB and MBP use the same exact RAM. I haven't physically looked but I was told this on another board. I too am interested in swapping RAM as I bought a MB and a MBP and would like to put the pro's 2x1GB into the MB and then buy 2x2GB for the MBP. Can anyone confirm that they share the same RAM?


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May 11, 2007
actually it can go up to 3gb and if you look somewhere around here, youl find a guy that upgraded it to 4gb total, being 4gb totally readable with the macbook