Installing Sony Cybershot USB Driver on OS X ??


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Feb 22, 2005
ah! i'm trying to install the USB driver that came with my Sony cybershot DSC-P71 camera on to my G4 ibook running OS X but it keeps coming up with an error: "classic cannot find a Mac OS 9 system folder on the startup disk to use - you may need to install mac os 9.1 or later on yr computer. to select a system folder on another volume click Open Classic Preferences' but when i do this i can't select anything!

anyone had this problem or know how i can get arround it? :confused:


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Oct 13, 2004
If you're running OS X you don't need a driver for OS 9.
Have you tried just plugging the camera into your iBook? I think if you do that then iPhoto will just fire up - just follow your nose and you should be watching a slide show, set to music, within a few minutes.


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
stevep's right, you don't need any drivers under OS X. We had a cybershot, and that connects fine to your iBook. You get images off your camera by using Image Capture (in that program theres a couple of setting telling your iBook what to do when you connect a camera) or just use the import function in iPhoto.

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