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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ZiggyPastorius, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I searched, but couldn't find anything related to the actual process/programs.

    I'd like to install Ubuntu on my Macbook, just for the occasional screwing around (dual-booting until i can get Parallels. Actually, while I'm on that, can you install both XP and Ubuntu in Paralles and run one or the other at a time?), and I'm wondering how exactly you install Linux...Is it like on a regular PC where you just boot from the Live CD and use the Linux partitioning tools, or if I make a bootcamp partition for Windows, will I be able to install Ubuntu instead? I'm doing Gutsy Gibbon, by the way. My only fear is that I've had problems in the past on my WinPC where I'll install Linux, and my Windows partition will get screwed up and I lose it, and when I reinstall windows, I lose Linux. I don't want to lose my OS X partition if at all possible, any help on how to actually install Linux would be helpful. Searching Google as we speak...

    Edit: It appears the only way to install Linux on my Macbook involves very time-consuming processes with lots of coding and technical stuff that I know nothing about, also with quite a few risks. Perhaps I won't be putting Ubuntu on after all...
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    If you already have Windows installed, go get VirtualPC (it's free) and install Ubuntu in a VM.
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    Jun 16, 2007
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    I have no idea about how to install it in a dual-boot configuration, but I also recommend Fusion. I'm sure you can probably do it in Parallels, too, but Fusion has been great to me. I have both Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.10 virtual machines on Fusion, and they work great.
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    did you try the ubuntu forums?
    I installed Ubuntu on my mbp as a dual-boot setup. It was fairly simple and straight-forward, just make sure you get all the partitioning down before you begin the install.
    *** read the macbook pro page for dual-boot install*****
    But here's a basic run-down, but read the above site over and over:
    1. open boot-camp assistant, make a bootcamp partition however large you want
    2. (optional) download and install rEFIt (this is not necessary for only dual boot, but if triple boot is a must-have)
    3. Shutdown, restart holding option, insert Ubuntu live cd (easiest way)
    4. Your options will be two hard drives and one disc, obviously choose the disc.
    5. when installing, choose manual partitioning, partition #3 is the one you want to use. (setup swap and ext3, flag /)
    6. at the end before you confirm the install, click advanced and install the bootloader to the third partition, 0,3. (will be something like (hda0,3))

    let it install, boot holding option again and choose the partition that says windows (no way to change this unless you install rEFIt)

    Read ubuntu forums about installing wireless and such.

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    Dont Give Up

    I just read your edit on the original post, and it is not complicated with coding and stuff. It is fairly simple, and you'll be very happy you installed it when you're finished. Especially when you see compiz (if you havnt heard of it, youtube it). Just read my first post, and read over the two websites I gave you, especially the one for the macbook pro about the partitioning (will apply to your macbook as well, just read the macbook one for installing wireless and other things) You'll enjoy it a lot once you install it, and a new version will be out in about a month that looks pretty sweet.

    Hope this helped, post back if you have any more questions.
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    Thanks a lot for the pages and stuff :) I'll try that way out, and I'll make sure I backup, because I've had bad luck with it in the past.

    Yeah, I've heard of Compiz Fusion. It's a pretty cool thing, though it's not really the peak of my interest, just for some funy :p

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