Installing Windows 10 on a MacPro3,1

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DearthnVader, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Anyone have any success installing Windows 10 on a MacPro3,1?

    I've been unable to do so, I downloaded the latest ISO, but I can boot it holding the C key. I also created a USB stick with boot camp, but am unable to boot it, even with clover.

    The USB stick booted and installed fine on an old core2 bios based PC, just no joy on the MP3,1.
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    Hi, DarthnVader!

    My recommendation would be to search for Hrutkay at Youtube. Here is a link but it is on Mac Pro 1.1/2.1 but you will find the way if you listen through some of them. It helped me installing Win 10 in my cMP 5.1 (unsupported). But of course you know all this already.

    Comment: I did my install with a CD not an USB. In the beginning of Win 10 install, the installer is halted and One are asked to show which partition you would like to do the install. I deleted all the partition and created a new one. This because I got the error message of wrong type of partition. After the deletion and creation of a new, the installer went through without any hesitation. /Per
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    You might have more luck booting with OPTION key .. then .. select your burned ISO.
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    I installed Windows 10 recently on my MacPro3,1 to test a GC-TITAN RIDGE (Thunderbolt add-in card).

    In macOS, I downloaded a Windows iso and burned it to a dual layer DVD (first I had to find a working PATA DVD drive because BIOS booting doesn't work from the two ODD SATA connectors).

    Also in macOS, I created a NTFS/FAT partition (using iPartition) on a SSD that is located in one of the four drive bays (other disks don't work for BIOS booting). BIOS booting is recommended for Windows on these Macs that have old EFI. The disk has a hybrid MBR (supports three partitions in Windows, and additional GPT partitions in macOS). This can be setup by iPartition or manually using one or more of diskutil, fdisk, gpt, gdisk (gpt fdisk). When using a MBR, only one partition should have the active flag set. The active partition should have the Windows boot files. In the Windows installer, I selected the partition I created, and selected Format. I suppose an easier way is to let Windows format and repartition an entire disk.

    BIOS booting may fail if you have other drives connected via the PCIe slots. I had to remove a Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro Plus PCIe Card adapter that had two SSDs installed. I've had similar issues in the past with an OWC Mercury Accelsior SSD. The issue may be caused by a combination of PCIe cards and graphics cards.

    Newer MacPros may be better at BIOS booting, or can use UEFI booting.

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