Installing windows 7 (clean install) on old xp comp.

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    So my iMac is away for repairs and im stuck with my old laptop witch runs XP.

    I have a computer in the house that is brand new runs windows 7 and has obviously come with the install disc's. Would i be able to put that windows 7 disc in this and install it successfully?

    One thing i am worried about though, if i do do this, will my dad still be able to use the disc if he ever wants to reinstall windows 7 on his computer?

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    I moved your post to our Windows on Mac forum since that's the closest we have to a Windows support subforum.

    Don't take a license that came with a PC (OEM, possibly customized for that hardware and try to install it on other hardware) it just isn't licensed that way.

    You could end up with a bad install and de-activating your dad's other computer even before he ever needs to reinstall.

    You can, however, download an official, generic, ISO from Microsoft approved sources and install that for use for up to 120 days (30, extendable) without a license. e.g.

    I would suggest trying that before buying a license for this machine.


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