Installing Windows 7 - unexpected I/O error

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by MacProHenry, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. MacProHenry macrumors newbie

    Nov 30, 2009
    So I've been trying all weekend to install windows 7 through boot camp. At first, due to a lack of dvds to burn the iso i have, I tried doing the whole usb thing. I got as far as the Legacy Loader screen and could not find a solution. Finally, after getting a couple of dvds i burned the iso and tried to go from there. At first i just got a completely black screen every time i tried to boot from the cd. I tried a lot of the fixed on this forum as well as countless others through which i looked. I reset the PRAM, shut off the computer and disconnected everything including the power plug, waited a while and then restarted, changed the resolution to 800x600..... Well eventually i got to the point where i got the black screen but with a blinking cursor. PROGRESS!! I waited about 5 minutes and got the this msg:

    Windows encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.

    File: \Boot\BCD
    Status: 0xc000000e9
    info: An unexpected I/O error has occured

    this is where i'm stuck. waited like 15 minutes to see if anything happens but nothing. they teased me by telling me that if i pressed enter i could continue but in fact nothing happened. I know the dvd works because i tried it on a laptop running windows and when i popped in the dvd the install menu came up.

    any ideas? i've been at this for four days now.

  2. malohkan macrumors member

    Oct 14, 2008
    I found this post by googling the same error. Only difference, is it's happening on my PC. I'm using my Mac to google for it :) So I don't think it's any particular Mac + Boot Camp issue. Most searching has suggested to me it's a bad Windows disk.

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