Installing Windows on ext HDD (VMWare)

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    Morning all!

    Ok - I am trying to convert my gf to Mac, but in the meanwhile she still wants to run her Windows stuff.

    So I was going to install VMWare and (place her HD in a caddy and) run Windows on an external HD.

    There seems to be a solution ( and but it seems a bit hit and miss.

    Alternatively, if I could I like to keep the mac HD "clean" of Windows apps, so would like to run VMWare and the Windows installation (and her files) on a external HD (with a fresh copy of Windows installed - also a good opportuniy to tidy thinks up)

    1. I was planning to basically take one of my spare external drives (60G USB) and do a clean install of Windows, her apps and personal files.
    2. Install VMWare to my Mac - and point to the external HD - and voila!!

    I am guessing the clean install of Windows on the external USB would be the cleanest - but the most work.

    Would anyone have any further advice please?

    Thanks :)
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    Oct 26, 2005

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