Instant Hotspot and older macs

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Itzamna, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Itzamna macrumors 6502

    Jun 5, 2011
    Hello there.

    I have a 2011 MBP and i use a lot the hotspot function of my iPhone. My MBP has the older Bluetooth version, which means that some continuity things wont work, such as handoff.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the Instant Hotspot works with older Macs or requires Bluetooth 4.0? This information is vital to decide if i'm going to update my iPhone ir not.

    Thank you in advance. :)
  2. CEmajr macrumors 601

    Dec 18, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    I've heard that it needs the newer Bluetooth 4.0 which older macs like yours do not have so it won't work. I have the same model macbook so I won't be able to use it either.
  3. Itzamna thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 5, 2011
    Meh that sucks... Is there a way to use the old hotspot? If something is working fine it should continue working as legacy, at least for sometime.

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