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Discussion in 'iPod' started by uncleMonty, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Hi - could someone please suggest instructions for this task: I need to upload one track onto a variety of different iPods belonging to different people, and those iPods need to be empty apart from my track. When each user has finished with my track, we need to wipe my track from their device and ultimately replace all their music library they had before we started. They will be bringing their iPods to me for the track they need, and so I'm telling them to back up their music library beforehand so they can restore it after we're done.

    Where can I find instructions that I can send the users for backing up their libraries so they can restore them afterwards with the minimum amount of fuss? For loading my content onto their devices, I will be using iTunes and syncing their device to a library on my own laptop that just has the one track. This won't create any special problems for them to restore their libraries afterwards, will it?

    Thank you for any assistance!
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    I don't think there's a way to guarantee a "minimum amount of fuss" here. There are still so many users who manually manage their media files rather than sync. Some of those delete their songs out of their computer's library once the songs are on their device, so the device holds their only copy.

    On top of that, what about apps? iOS devices like the iPod touch are likely to lose their apps and data when you attempt to sync your song onto the device. Remember, an Apple device can "officially" sync with only one library at a time.

    What's so important about this music track that it needs to be the only file on the device?

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