Instructions on how to enable screensavers on iPod video

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 840quadra, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Updated 12/5/06

    This isn't my discovery, nor can I take credit for it, but I figured many new iPod 5th generation (Video) buyers may be wondering how they enable screensavers on ipods like they have Apple store. Looked into this on the web awhile back, and recently discovered a webpage that explains howto do this.

    Here is how to do this screensaver enable on the iPod

    1. You first need to ensure that you have disk use enabled
    2. Browse over to your mounted iPod
    3. Create a directory called Demo Mode
    4. Open iTunes
    5. Find any video on your iPod and rename it "Demo" (no quotes)
    6. Unmount or eject your iPod for itunes
    The ipod will reboot itself after you eject it, do not be alarmed​
    7. Connect your ipod to your charger, or computer (you will need to eject it from being mounted), wait 2 minutes, and enjoy your iPod screensaver* !

    *This new screensaver function will only work when the ipod is charging, and will not work when docked (mounted) in itunes or your system. I haven't tried this with ipods that are formatted in windows, so I am not sure if it will even work, but I would give it a shot!

    To disable the screensaver you can either remame the video to something other than Demo, or reverse the entire process!

    ::EDIT:: Update

    The following things should be noted before making this modification.

    1. The iPod will literally go into "store demo" mode when you enable this feature meaning the following settings will change, every time the screensaver (or video) comes on.
    • Language will be set to english
    • Backlight timer will change to 10 seconds
    • Brightness will go to full
    • Shuffle, repeat, compilations, and sound check will be set to off
    • Clicker will set itself to on
    • Main Menu settings will be lost (example.. If you setup shortcuts for games or other settings on the iPod's main menu.
    Some people may not find their iPod settings being reset as being a problem, others may not care. If you have lots of custom menus, have settings configured the way you "need them", please do not activate Demo Mode, as it will reset these, every time the screen saver kicks in.

    2. Try to keep the video file sizes as small as possible. The reason for this is to negate the need for the iPod to spin up the disk every time the video repeats. This could potentially wear out the iPod's hard drive earlier than normal.

    The file I use for my scree nsaver is 15 seconds long, 432.4kb in size, running at 84kbps Bit Rate. It is small enough so the iPod does not need to keep filling it's buffer at the start of each video. I am sure you can go larger, I haven't had the time to troubleshoot this yet.
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    Feb 19, 2005
    wow that is a good find my man! Now only if you can get that apple screensaver they have in the stores right now, something festive with nanos. I tried to get it, but no dice.
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Sadly you are on your own with that :( . I know people like Clayj and others have posted links to download videos, but I have no such connections :( .
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    Aug 1, 2006
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    Well, my iPod didn't reboot after dismount, but I now have the Yule Log video as my screensaver! It makes the perfect screensaver, actually. I may end up using the nano video that jessica. mentioned, because that seems like a great idea.

    Old article, but I knew that video would come in handy at some point in the future. Thanks, 840quadra for the heads up and for giving that yule log video a use.
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    The screen-saver feature works great, but im having one major problem...when i bring the ipod out of screen-saver mode, all of my settings are set to default! the clicker is on, screen is dim, no time in title, menu is not customized, EQ is gone! I must be doing something wrong.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. tominated macrumors 68000


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    it is probably doing this because it assumes it is in a apple store, and it doesn't want people fiddling with settings
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    Yes I found out this is normal. It resets the settings back to default after it goes to sleep when docked.

    I guess this is by design, and unfortunate :( . I guess that is why this is a store trick, and not an advertised feature though.

    I have updated my first post to reflect these discoveries!

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