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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by silbeej, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. silbeej macrumors 6502a

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    So i'm going to be insulating and drywalling a shed, and i just want to make sure of a few things. I'm going to use fiberglass batts on the walls, but since the roof is only 2x4 trusses, i was going to use 2inch hard insulation so as to keep an air gap. is this the best thing to do, for it doesn't need to be winter warm, just for A/C in the summer and some light heating in the fall and spring.

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    It's probably a good idea to insulate, depending on the use you have planned for this space.

    You'll need an air gap above the insulation if you have venting in the attic space. A 1" air gap is sufficient for this. If you do this, you will have to make sure that there are vents in the blocking between each truss, and that you rig your insulation such that the air coming through those vents only goes above the insulation. You'll also have to ensure that each truss bay has a continuous air path from one side to the other. Additionally, you'll have to seal the edges of the insulation to the trusses somehow to ensure outside air does not leak through. If you are installing drywall under the trusses, this will be sufficient.

    Your other option, of course, is to install a ceiling on the truss bottom chord, and insulate above that, leaving the attic area completely vented. If you've got trusses (unless they're scissor trusses or something like that) you've already got a flat surface for a ceiling.
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    I have nothing to add to the actual topic. I just wanted to share that the when I scanned past the topic I misread it as "Insulting a shed". It was definitely a WTF moment. :)
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    Me too. Then I read the first post and had to check the thread title again.


    That was my thought as well. No really, it was.
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    Hay bales, that will give you amazing insulation.
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    Well they are half joist, and then there is a 2x4 about a few feet from teh top which is to make the truss. There is a ridge vent installed, so the only air coming in is from the top, where there is no overhang from the roof, so no side vents.

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