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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by akdj, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Mar 10, 2008
    I have been insuring my business primarily through a local company that sublets to an out of state insurer....the only one I was able to find at the time I opened for business many years back.

    My main source of income from the business at the time was audio. Whether we did weddings, coroporate parties, birthdays, etc....that's where the bulk of the money was made....and spent. All of my sound gear and computers are insured through them and I've fortunately, never had to test the claim waters. Obviously, the number one reason for my insurace was liability protection (million per incident/2 million aggregate)....and in situations where people are dancing and drinking and partying and etc...this is mandatory.

    Video and still production has become more and more a part of the business to the point we now have well into 5 digits invested in gear...dozen lenses, half dozen bodies, a couple of video cams, tripods, heads, filters, you get the idea. For the longest time, I felt my home owners policy would cover me in case of issue...but have since found out that I am limited to 10k in coverage with my business gear, the rest must be insured on a 3rd party's back.

    My question is Who have you had luck insuring through? Any suggestions or ideas? I would also like to "package" my audio production gear with video and photography....and I am easily well over 6 digits for replacement value. Liability is mandatory with the above stipulations....but asset protection as well, straight across replacement value policy with < or = to $1000 deductible.

    Any suggestions? I am very nervous now...and would like to start the policy as soon as possible:)

    Thanks everyone! Much appreciated.


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