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    Apologies if this has come up before, but I haven't noticed a pertinent discussion.

    I have usually bought Applecare for my Macs, but avoided it for smaller/cheaper devices. Instead I purchase third party insurance that covers theft as well as loss or damage. The repair/replacement service often isn't quite as good as Apple's, but having had an iPhone stolen I have been glad to have this coverage. On this basis I have added my AW to my gadget insurance, rather than buying AC+.

    Has anybody else gone down this route? Has anybody specifically covered their AW against loss/theft in addition to AC+? I'm interested to see how others approach this.
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    Insurance can be a very tricky business.

    Many gadget insurance policies are riddled with get out clauses for the provider - there are some pretty damning critiques out there from consumer publications.

    AppleCare+ has an insurance element for accidental damage, but obviously doesn't cover loss or theft.

    A third option to consider is enhancing your home contents insurance to cover the watch (potentially for loss, theft and accidental damage). The watch might fall under, for example, a "personal possessions away from home" add on - or you may be able to add it as a specified item. Your insurer should be able to advise regarding the respective costs, excesses / deductibles, conditions, etc.

    I always get AppleCare+ for extra peace of mind - both for me and for any subsequent purchaser if I sell a product before the cover expires.
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    It can, but I'm a law student and my father an independent financial adviser so I find getting appropriate coverage quite easy. I have made two claims against my gadget insurance for iPhones and they were fine.

    Given the cost of home contents insurance I am keen to avoid claims unless absolutely necessary, which is why I prefer to use a separate gadget policy. I don't find the additional cost to be much different anyway.

    I was more interested in what other people have done that specific advice for me. :)

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