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    So I am about to purchase a new 2TB External HD from Lacie. I am using it to keep a backup of all my media (which is just on one external drive right now, so if anything was to happen I want to make sure I have a copy)

    I am considering getting an Intego Backup Manager Pro license to easily sync these two hard drives and make sure I keep organized copies of all files on the two drives.

    Has anybody had any experience with Intego Backup Manager Pro or what do people use to backup/snc their files besides Time Machine (since that only backs up my computer).


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    Aug 15, 2010
    Backup Manager Pro

    I'm using backup manager pro to backup all of my media and iTunes Media Library as well as regularly scheduled full backups of my entire MacBook. I house my entire iTunes Media Library on a LaCie Petit 500GB external and used another larger LaCie external drive for backing up with Intego.

    Intego Backup Manager Pro is great especially if your LaCie external drives are connected to your computer via a network but if your going to connect it directly to your computer via firewire or USB, then you should be able to backup using the free software provided by LaCie with your drive (Intego Backup Assistant). The main differences between the Pro version and Backup Assistant are that you can do the following things with Pro: create a bootable backup copy of your entire hard drive versus backing up various files and folders, backup to non-LaCie external drives, backup to a networked LaCie or other external drive.
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    If -all- you want to do is synch files I'd recommend GoodSynch


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