Intel CEO to retire

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Intel announced that CEO Paul Otellini is to retire in May ( Otellini has been the CEO of Intel since 2005.

    The industry main executives are changing a lot these times. We are still uncertain on how Tim Cook's management of Apple will play out in the long run (although he seems to be doing fine so far).

    Then, in October, Apple announced that Scott Fostall, who was resposible for iOS, was leaving the company in 2013.

    And then, in November, Microsoft announced that Steven Sinofsky, responsible for the Windows division, was immediately leaving the company.

    Lots of changes. The industry is changing, people are changing. Let's see how this will play out in one or two years.
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    Feb 26, 2008
    From the FT.

    Head of fabs and COO. Makes sense given that's Intels overwhelming strength these days.

    Also good news for Apple - there have been rumours that Intel might reluctantly be open to fabbing their ARM cores. Intel definitely have an interest in getting in to the post-PC market, and going with Apple would immediately stick em right in the middle of it. Apple also need a reliable fab partner with scale and strong confidentiality.

    There couldn't be a more perfect match. It aligns perfectly with both of their biggest business plans. Two operations guys surely don't need a lot of pushing to make this happen.

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