Intel cpu's in Mac's & OS 9 Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DeepIn2U, Mar 12, 2006.

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    Hello everyone.

    I do tech support for a large railway company based in the USA.

    From time to time I noticed a considerable amount of calls with users on Mac computers that need to access an IBM Mainframe emulator. Only problem, for both PC's & Macs, is that it runs the MS Java Virtual Machine not the Sun Microsystems Java standard.

    For the Emulator to run PC's must install & provision the MS Virtual Machine; and disable the Java (SUN). For Macs running OS X; well there isnt a solution directly; users need to install OS 9 then launch IE 5.1 (the last edition I believe). Most users arent savy at WinXP; but most are purplexed why they need to install OS 9; let alone where to find the OS 9 installation discs. I feel powerless to help because I dont, never had the priviledge to, own a Mac. Most importantly I've noticed even with an Apple Store rep on the phone with a user trying to troubleshoot, that the Mac Mini PPC based cpu's cannot run OS 9?? Is this correct?

    My next major question is .... can a user owning the iMac, MacBookPro, Mac Mini based on Intel Core Duo cpu's install OS 9 and run Internet Explorer from within to get that MS Virtual Machine support???!

    1st link

    2nd link (directions)

    Can anyone test this please, and post back? Thank you!
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    Easy: no, OS9 is no longer supported on intel macs.
    Hard: Download an emulator called Q. Make a virtual machine that emulates a PPC processor and attempt to install OS9.
    Hope that helps.
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    Does Q work on Intel machines? I can't find any information that says it does.

    Anyway, MS will no longer support their JVM after the end of next year. It would save you, your employer, and your employer's customers much grief in the long term if they moved their app to use Sun's JVM. MS's JVM sucks big time anyway, and as you've seen, it breaks any chance of crossplatform support in Java. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
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    MS Internet Explorer does run under Mac OS X, this version should run fine under intel version of Mac OS X. Where to get this is another issue, I believe the last version was 5.5
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    Mar 23, 2005
    Version 5.2.3 for PowerPC OS X. It should work under Rosetta on the new Intel Macs. And yes, I have a copy of it. At least 4 of them.

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