Intel iMac will not automatically sleep!!!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Hutchy, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hutchy macrumors member

    Apr 13, 2007
    Hi there,

    I have found great happiness with my mac but recently I have noticed a small irritating problem. I always leave my mac on (one of the things I love about it) but it recently refuses to automatically sleep. It does sleep if i push the power button or choose sleep from the menu, its the energy saver preference that fails to work.

    It must a program doing this but are there any 'simple' ways to troubleshoot this problem?

    I have MOZY installed and have just installed/uninstalled VMWare.

    Please help!!! advice required!!

    Cheers, Paul.
  2. trevis macrumors newbie

    Mar 14, 2008
    Same here

    I also have the same problem.
    I don't even know if it was from the day one or developed later.

    One other thread on this topic suggested repairing permissions with Onyx.
    This didn't help to resolve the problem.

    May be somebody has another idea.


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