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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by selloutvixen, Dec 7, 2005.

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    I debated for a long time between a 12" iBook and the 17" iMac, and I think I want to go for the 17" iMac. I love the built-in iSight, airport, and bluetooth. Plus, it's better for gaming than the iBook, which is always nice. (I'm eventually going to start WoW when I have the time to let it take over my life)

    NOWWWWWW I'm looking at the price decreases that are going to happen when the intel chips hit apple, and the iBook (so I've been told) is going to be the first one with the new chips, lowering the price up to 200.00. Now I'm tempted to buy the iBook, even though it's not what I want, since it's going to be so inexpensive and it's coming out so soon.

    Right now my roommate and I are sharing this 5 year old HP Pavilion laptop with a broken power cord and an almost dead battery, so if you shift the cord the wrong way, whatever you're working on goes away. (it was awesome to use when I was job-hunting) The point of this is, I'll probably have the money by end of january, and I don't know how much longer I'll have to wait for the new iMacs with the intel chips.

    So, help me. Should I just wait til the new iMacs come out before having a HP Pavilion smashing party? :confused:
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    Nobody knows anything about when and which Mac-Tel machines are coming, or about how much existing stock might be decreased (if at all, and if there is any inventory to clear)

    If you need a Mac, you coudl be prudent and wait for the January announcements and then get one. Don't play the Intelwaitinggame. Your penalty for waiting is too high (HP)

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