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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by banjo_1928, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Mar 11, 2005
    I just bought a ViewSonic VG2030WM monitor, connected via DVI, and have been having problems with it not syncing when restarting the machine or waking it from sleep.

    If I switch the monitor off for longer than a few minutes, then it will not sync when turned back on.

    If I set the Energy Saver to blank the screen after say 5 mins idle, then there is no problem activating it.

    The only way I have been able to get the thing going again after failure is to power everything off (machine && monitor), remove the power cable from the monitor and fully discharge the monitor by pressing its on/off button while unplugged.

    More often that not it will work after that, but sometimes it really is a wash/rinse/repeat cycle.

    Usually the Mac will recognise the monitor as ViewSonic VG2030wm, but it also frequently just sees it as a generic VGA and does not offer the correct resolution (1680x1050)

    In addition, Windows XP fails to recognize it at all when I use Boot Camp. Using a VGA cable, Windows sees it just fine. Thats really a secondary problem as its not very often I use Boot Camp, but its annoying all the same.

    This is all rather frustrating as it should "just work". Anyone else had these sorts of problems, or is my monitor a lemon?
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    It's probably your monitor. Apple products are perfect.

    If something doesn't work with your  product it is probably that something's fault.
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    Mine does something similar. After waking from sleep, the VG2030WM, which is my second monitor, will have a distorted picture with a lot of "tearing" all over the screen image. I can still see the desktop, but it just looks bad. What I usually do it press the #2 button on the side (video select) and wait a second.

    Other than this annoying quirk, the quality of this monitor is pretty good My Apple Studio Monitor is a bit sharper though.


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