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Apr 12, 2001

Appleinsider also reports that Intel-based Macs will make their debut at Macworld San Francisco (MWSF) 2006 in January.

The rumor site expects that the iMac will be the first Intel-based Macs to be introduced in January. The Intel iMac is not expected to introduce any significant new features or case redesign, instead simply updating the processor with this revision. This is contrary to previous expectations that the Mac mini would be the first Intel Mac introduced at MWSF 2006.

The Intel Powerbook is expected shortly after, perhaps as soon as February 2006. The new Intel Mac laptops are expected to be 20-25% thinner than current offerings.

Meanwhile, Intel Mac minis and Intel iBooks are not expected until the Spring of 2006.



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Jun 23, 2003

Does it seem odd to anyone else that they would update their two most recent products first? The *cough* "All-New Redesigned" *cough* iMac just came out!!! Though, the PowerBook is lacking, and hopefully will actually be "All-New and Redesigned" when it switches to Intel.


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Oct 26, 2002
The iMac is their main computer offering. I would also say the PowerBook is their main portable. The two most popular/best selling products they have, I assume. It makes sense.


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Feb 6, 2003
Let's hope that if this is true, the PowerBook is at least unveiled at MacWorld in January. I, for one, will preorder the day it's announced.


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Sep 20, 2005
New Jersey
So now the Mac mini won't be getting the Intel upgrade until next spring? I'm sorry, but it's very hard to believe in any of these Intel-related rumors lately. If anything Intel-related happens at MacWorld 2006, the most I expect is a new Mac mini. But who knows with Apple... they may surprise us all with a huge announcement. But equipping more than one Mac with Intel processors in one event this soon into the game... I think that is a little far-fetched.


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May 30, 2003
Which Intel processor for the iMac?

I currently own the original G4 iMac and have been considering purchasing a new one once the Intel machines arrive. Does anyone have any thoughts about which Intel processor might be used in an iMac? Would performance be about the same if not slightly improved?

It seems logical to me the an iMac or mini would get the first Intel processors because they will be the least cutting edge. From what I know, Intel's more advanced processors and more suited to Powerbook and PowerMac won't be available until later next year.


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Aug 30, 2003
Snellville, GA
Uhhh... no.
I've decided not to trust AppleInsider anymore.
Nothing against them of course, just the fact that all they ever talk about is Intel (which if you ask me, I'm thinking everyone working on that project is under close watch)...

It could also be the fact that my PowerBook isn't even 2 weeks old yet... :eek:

But in waiting for this latest revision, I've learned not to trust any rumors. Particularly those involving Tuesdays...



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Oct 5, 2005
ok, now i am truly pissed off!
if they do introduce the mentioned products, when will they ship them?

i was about to get a new powerbook because my titanium powerbook is becoming unbearably slow and I simply refuse to upgrade it in any way, what am I supposed to do?:confused: :confused: :confused:


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Mar 15, 2004
The powerbook needs it, even with its most recent update. I really think that will be the first model to go Intel.

But the iMac? I don't know about that. It's got a G5 which is a nice processor. It doesn't need to switch as badly as the G4 based models do IMO.


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Jun 4, 2004
Madison, WI
January is just too far ahead of schedule. Even if Apple could, I don't think they would release that soon. Besides, just AFTER Christmas? That doesn't make any sense.


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Nov 11, 2005
my luck

ok, so i have the new imac on its way right now...

what should i do? i tend to not trust first releases of anything made by apple. so perhaps this falls under that category.

does anyone think it's worth returning the imac for? i mean is it really going to make a huge difference at this point.

you think it's wise to wait and see how this whole intell thing works out?:confused:


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Jan 14, 2002
South Dakota, USA
That makes no sense. The G5 is still a top of the line processor. They could easily go dual-core in the iMac's if they want more performance. Also, clock speeds have room to grow as well. I would think they should do everything to get the G4 phased out first, then worry about the G5 models. Does Intel have anything available right now for a desktop computer that is way better then the G5? Maybe they do, but it seems like a mistake to replace the iMac G5 so soon.

Also, if they do I would be upset, because it will be hard to even give mine away after they go Intel. I thought I had a lot more time before that happened. I guess we will have to see. I just don't think this information is right. Why would you want the first one to be one of your best selling, most popular models if there are issues with it? I think trying it out in a lower volume model and getting the kinks worked out before unleashing it across the line makes more sense to me.

alexandr said:
ok, so i have the new imac on its way right now...

what should i do?

I would go for it. The G5 is a fast processor. If they switch to Intel this soon it could actually slow things down. The only bad thing is that shiny new iMac would be an orphan and it would be hard to give away when the new ones come out and all people have on their mind is..Intel...Intel...Intel.


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Sep 6, 2002
Houston, TX
oh, you poor souls clinching your brand new Powerbooks. have you already forgotten the TITANIUM POWERBOOK HISTORY? DANG! I got my first Mac, a super-loaded GHz Tibook, in November of 2003, literally days after they were announced. and that was actually a reasonable upgrade--you know, they sped up the processor some 'n' stuff.

NOT TWO MONTHS LATER.... MWSF.. oh, gee, 12 and 17 inch aluminum powerbooks! now granted, it was a good long while before the 15 inch one saw the light of day, but it's not at all outside the realm of possibility that they would do something crazy like update the powerbooks a lot sooner than you think... and I would be thoroughly unsurprised if it was the 12 inch powerbook that saw one of the first MacIntel conversions--It would be their coolest laptop by far if it were widescreen and fast, and 1 inch thin like the other ones.

Not that I would give any credence to this article, which I regard as mere speculation by someone who's about as in-the-know as 75% of the people that read MacRumors, but still, just because the powerbooks were recently updated doesn't mean that they won't be among the first to see the new Intel processors. And rightfully so, because they're really hurting badly on performance, and laptops are probably the most important line of computers to have be attractive, especially when you're trying to woo a halo effect out of a bunch of iPod junkies. How would it be if they upgraded the iBook first? it's hard enough to distinguish those two lines as it is!

Ed: and yes, gammamonk, they announced those AlBooks in January, just a few weeks after Christmas...


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Sep 11, 2004
Canberra, Australia
I think it makes sense to release the iMacs and PBs as the first with intel chips. As someone has already mentioned, they are the most popular of Apple's computer products so people will be eager to test out the new processors in them. Seeing as the iMac has just been recently updated, just changing the chip would not prove too much hassle for consumers. The PB on the other hand is ready for a HUGE overhaul, and it would make absolute sense to do this in conjunction with a new processor. It would be absolutely amazing if they really end up being 25% thinner....I'd buy one straight away! ;)


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Mar 15, 2005
Abercrombieboy said:
Also, if they do I would be upset, because it will be hard to even give mine away after they go Intel. I thought I had a lot more time before that happened. I guess we will have to see. I just don't think this information is right.

That is yours and mine logic that says the value of yours will drop after Intel, but it won't. If you get the Intel one, within a few weeks of release, you'd still be able to get a good amount on ebay. Macs really hold value, even though chip generations, etc.

Overall, I don't find this rumor unbelievable at all. I find it is *very* accurate. Anyone who thought Apple wasn't going to have Intel macs until the very month they said they would be shipping by are not looking at this correctly. Apple wants to surprise and beat competitors.

The Powerbook update this fall was simply to make it more attractive, for those who need a machine now. It added some features and cut the price. Nice.

Appleinsider has been quite accurate lately, and this rumor just makes sense, in my opinion.


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Jan 14, 2002
South Dakota, USA
So what chip will be in this new iMac and is it going to be way faster then the current G5 models? Will it be fast enough that apps that have to run with Rosetta will still be faster then on the G5's?


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May 2, 2002
iMac? That would be weird... but maybe this transition demands some weird choices.

PowerBooks soon isn't weird at all. PB's have the greatest need.

And I have the greatest need FOR them :)

Bring it on, Apple, I was born to be your rev A Guinea pig!

I hope there are some slivers of truth in these rumors.


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Jan 14, 2003
No need to update iMac

I can understand that the PowerBooks would use x86 but why the iMacs? It is not like there is any urgency to make them more powerful than they are now. Apple should update the PowerBook and iBooks in January and use the top G4 processors in a Mac Mini revision. The line up should be x86 for portables, G5s for desktops and G4s for eMac & Mini, at least until OS X 10.5 comes out.


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Jun 19, 2003
Chicago, IL
iMac will be the first Intel-based Macs to be introduced in January

Oh damn well better not. Everyone remember the final battle of gondor in Return of the King? The users who converge on Apple's corp HQ is going to be about as pissed and about as many. :eek: :D
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