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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mathcolo, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, I was just reading this article from USA Today about and how technology was involved in music production, and I noticed in the third to last paragraph that an "Intel PowerBook" is mentioned. Does anyone else think this is proof that Apple actually had an Intel PowerBook ready to go back in the early 2000s?
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    If you want to call it that, sure. The Intel development machines were modified ATX boards stuck in modified G5 cases, so you could say they were x86 Power Macs. The same goes for the prototype laptops.

    I'm sure at some point they had a meeting or something and decided to change the names. Meh. I liked the old names, they didn't imply that people that use their computers to make money (bankers, mechanics, stock brokers, programmers, video editors, and engineers alike) demanded the features in said machines (which is bull anyway).

    If Apple really wanted the Pro name to mean something other than "generic Apple laptop that can be used for anything by anyone" they could make a machine with a Quadro GPU and matte IPS screen. However, even that could appeal to gamer types more than it might appeal to say, a lawyer that has no use for all that crap.

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