Intel Purley Xeon processors detailed (For iMac Pro)

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  1. EugW, Jul 10, 2017
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    Yes we know that iMac Pro may be Purley, but now we know a bit more about them.
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    Interesting. Here is a 16-core, 32-thread Xeon running at 2.6 GHz with a max TDP of 150 Watts. This is doable in a revised iMac, so the spec'd iMac Pro 18-core might not be too much higher in terms of TDP:


    And then there's this one, a 22-core, 44-thread 2.2 GHz CPU with TDP of 165 Watts.


    For reference, the i7-7700K gets around 1000 in Cinebench.
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    While I certainly don't need such big power for now or maybe the next a few years, I always feel excited knowing those stuff coming. Thanks for sharing.

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