Intel question for PowerPC-Users, graphics power in retrospect.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Cox Orange, Feb 22, 2015.

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    I would like to get some thoughts of you.

    Here is, what I was thinking. Ever since the Mini had the weakest graphics (even an ibook of the same era had a better GPU). Today with our old PPC-Macs, do we see a difference in respect to what soldered GPU our PPC has?

    Why do I even think so? It was often said, that GPUs play a very little role in macs and that movies are almost solely calculated by the CPU. Now, I remember people here reporting that they were able to play HD material with a (maybe ATI 9800 or) Nvidia 7800GS/GT/GTX. I admit, that of course there is a difference in games, that seems to become more obvious with certain GPU choices, but movies?.

    So, what I am now after, is: did a certain GPU give us more years compared to another weaker equipped PPC-Mac?

    I know it is a bit problematic comparison, but here is, where the intel part comes in: when buying my first Intel Mac ever, will a better GPU choice give me more years (when we consider our experiences wth PPC GPUs)?

    Background info on Intel GPUs and my choices:

    The 2012 Minis (i5/o7) have a HD4000 and the 2014 Mini (i5 2,6GHz and more) has an Iris Pro (5100). It is said, that the Iris GPU is somewhat like a landmark for Intel as a new GPU manufacturer and a big step in performance.
    The recent iMac (21" i5, base model) has the Iris Pro 5200, whereas the Mini has the 5100.
    Here is a read-up about the 5200 (it is only 15% behind a midrange desktop GPU, like the GT 750! Hence I was bringing up the GPU topic)
    and here the 5100

    The graphics options are close lokking at introduction years, but I am not sure about the progress the models made in one year.

    2012 (Mini) - HD4000
    2014 (Mini) - Iris Pro 5100
    2013 (iMac which is recently sold) - Iris Pro 5200 or Nvidia GT 750m.

    I know, this is kind of stupid, because the CPU will play a big role here, but the 2012 i7 Mini (4x2,3GHz) should outplay the iMac's i5 4x 2,6GHz, but what if the old Minis GPU holds the CPU back?
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    FWIW, I was doing some GPU benchmarking the other day using OpenMark GL primarily on PPC system. On a whim, however, I thought I would test the integrated 3000 graphics in my Late 2011 13" MBP(Sandy Bridge-based).

    The score of 7558 is about half what a high end G5 card like a 6800 Ultra, X800XT, and X850XT is capable of. At the same time, however, it's better than the ~5000 value I was able to get out of a Radeon 9600(both Pro and XT) in a 4x G4.

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    Interesting thought, I've often wondered that myself.

    I believe you are right, the GPU on a Quad-core 2012 mini will become obsolete before the CPU will (excluding the fact that an integrated GPU is part of the CPU). That's kind of what has happened to PPC Macs, hence so many threads about GPU upgrades on this forum. Most PPC Macs with stock GPUs (except for high-end or late-model G5s) lag heavily on Leopard.

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