Intel roadmap and the new MBA cpu

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jackfrost123, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. jackfrost123 macrumors 6502

    Jun 11, 2008
    Intel's roadmap is kinda confusing wrt their cpus and their mobile counterparts. As far as I have read and know the calpella platfrom with clarksfield (the core i7 (what a dumb name) aka nehalem in mobile computing) should appear by the q4 2009 but WILL NOT have one of the most important features of the nehalem the quickpath interconnect (replacement for the fsb) and it seems that they are aiming at more cores and have high tdps than the 20 tdp that the air has. In a very peculiar move it's my understanding that at about the same time in the end of 2009 intel will shrink the die to 32nm manufacture BUT instead of doing this first and releasing the desktop variants, it will instead release the mobile ones known as westemere, these ones should be the most fit in terms of tdps for the air. So that's my understanding so far, anyone got any more insight into this?

    (Btw how great would it be that by 2010 apple finally scraps intel in the air and give us something from the p.a. semi folk....the pwrficient cpu from p.a. semi (google to see some astounding specs) is a great pratform already used in a lot of commercial products (and a lot more classified us army projects we cant hear about), it would be a shame if apple hasn't been developping it further in this past year...) :apple:
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    Dec 1, 2007
    The real trend will be what nVidia does. GPU capability will be more of an issue than CPU speed in the coming year for laptops.
  3. jackfrost123 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 11, 2008
    I don't care as much about computing power either, but mostly about heat issues, it would be great if we could finally get a cool product (that won't harm our sperm count....:rolleyes:) as well as a silent one what with the ssd's. That would be a dream. But it's not only what nvidia does of course, because, as the plot thickens westmere q4 intel mobile cpus are supposed to include gpus too. So...what does apple do then? Ditch the (obviously superior nvdia chips) have intels pimping strategy of forcing the gpu down apples' throat. They can't go with amd that would be the wisest choice by all counts an all around much better gpu and cpu combo (attn: I am talking about the combo not th separate cpu being better) because I am sure intel has imposed stict anticompetitiveness rules to apple in terms of them every switching in part to amd.
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    Jul 20, 2008
    Clarksfield is the quad-core variant. Auburndale (now possibly canceled) is the dual-core variant, with TDPs 10 W less.

    No it won't. That's why I've been saying for a while now that mobile Nehalem will not deliver the performance increases over Penryn that Bloomfield/Gainestown have.

    Mobile Nehalem (and some desktop ones too) have 10 W higher TDP than Penryn CPUs due to some parts that used to be off the CPU integrated into the CPU package. TDPs are still higher though, which is expected for a quad-core mobile CPU.

    The 32 nm shrink is called Westmere, just like how Penryn was the 45 nm shrink. Westmere also refers to the Bloomfield/Gainestown successor. The mobile dual-core 32 nm version is called Arandale. Before this roadmap update (which was very recent), Westmere (Bloomfield/Gainestown successor) was due to be the first 32 nm Nehalem CPU.

    And I agree with justit.
  5. justit macrumors 6502a

    Dec 1, 2007
    Apple isn't loyal to vendors, which is a good thing. They were with the Intel only for years before finally deciding with an Intel/nVidia combo. Going back to Intel only loses leverage for Apple. All 3 of them now need each other (reminds me of the final gun scene in Usual Suspects :rolleyes:).

    Probably the best combo on any platform is the Atom/nVidia combo as far as price/performance so I'm not sure about your liking to an AMD combo a very under rated CPU but just couldn't market past Intel.
  6. Scottsdale macrumors 601


    Sep 19, 2008
    But if Apple stays with the same 45 nm process Penryn SSF chip for its next rev of the MBA, which it should, the SL9600 is the next projection for April 2009. It will have same specs and cache but be a 2.13 GHz chip.

    I want Apple to stick with Intel. I love the new MBA, and I will upgrade if it takes a speed bump up to 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 45 NM Penryn SSF CPU.

    Beyond the next update who knows. I guess depends on timing of releases. The nice thing to know that the next chip is scheduled in only two months if Apple does stick with small form factor and low voltage Intel chip.
  7. EnderTW macrumors 6502

    Jun 30, 2007
    I agree, I don't think Apple will jump from intel processors.

    I don't think the PA Semiconductor chips are based off of x86 code, so it would be a major overhaul just to do it.

    Honestly, I think with the Rev b, we are seeing the cream of the crop of what an ultraportable should be. Great display, full size keyboard, small footprint.

    I am hoping, Apple will make it a better machine then the MB in terms of specs with rev c. i think they'll be able to do it. 2.1 ghz at least, maybe even 2.4, 4gigs of ram, 128ssd. nvidia 9400m. I'd pay in the current form factor, oh ... 2900 for it.

    I just hope the mba isn't dropped from their lineup.
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    Jun 11, 2008
    That's what bothered me too, that I wasn't reading much about auburndale and that like I said they were planning to transition to westemere low tdps very fast for mobiles.
    I just realized this a few days ago...they kept it very hush hush really with all the hype, so much for their finally doing what amd has for years...
    That's what prompted my search for the next mba cpu, the fact that I couldn't find anything from intel with low tdps in the coming pipeline
    So you coraborate too that they are planning to come out iwht Arandale first from all the westmere cpus?

    Yeah, but the problem is that intel are putting cpu/gpu combos on a single die with Arrandale, so that kinda forces that they use their graphics instead of nvidia's, or at least throws in a very good bait. But otherwise I agree with waht you are saying. To me the best combo (on the level of Atom) is what this netbook/notebook has by amd and hp, with a cpu that puts the atom to shame, and are nearing c2d speeds with way lower tdps, crackling radeon graphics. On paper at least it's much better than atom/nvidia, check it out here:’...yukon-platform

    I have a lot of respect for AMD and lets face it they were ahead of intel before intel surpassed them (by actually taking a hint from them and reverting back to pentium m for the core architect., as they are doing now implementing features amd has had for years). But intel didn't really surpass them all that much these years, it's mostly hype, sure the high end intels are better than the amds but in terms of stuff that goes into everything other than mac pros amds are very competitively placed, max they will be lagging behind intel will be a 5% difference overall is this that much? When the cpu and gpu on die trend comes along in year or so, that's what I was talking about I d rather take a 5% worse cpu with a 50% better gpu from the likes of ati, than the intel combo.

    Hey thanks for the head up! Wasn't aware that there was a 2.13 penryn in the pipeline, sam tdps I suppose, then I guess what with the void between nehalem and westermere/arrandale in mobiles for the mba that's what we'll see next in it summer 2009 or later.

    I sure hope they don't drop it either, it's a great computer I ve been flirting with for the past few months (BUT FIX THOSE DAMN SCREEN LINES APPLE, YOU JUST SIGNED A TRILLION DOLLAR ADVANCE TO LG FOR LCDS AND THE BEST YOU CAN DO IN ONE OF YOUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS IS 9/10 COME WITH LINES AND BLEEDING SCREENS...).
    No the pa semi chips is not x86 BUT they are POWERPC compatible so apple has the codebase already, that said it won't be a simple thing to transition there. But on the other hand claiming as they do so often in apple that they want to have inbread hardware control, and having a design team for a whole year that produced a great power efficient cpu a year and a half ago, it will be damn lunatic if you don't have them working on releasing the next version of it...what would these engineers to, focus on an arm cpu for the iphone that's not their expertise? They should be doing something now, shouldn't they? I think that is the most worthwhile scoup from apple one could get at the moment, about the pwr chip and the pa semi folks' placement within apple, which is a huge mystery for a long time.
  9. iMacmatician macrumors 601

    Jul 20, 2008
    They're also transitioning to 32 nm early for the Atom. That may be because Atom and Arandale are relatively small CPUs (that and because Havendale/Auburndale were getting pushed back pretty far).

    Auburndale's TDPs are 35/45 W (25/35 W Penryn equivalent), although I would think that there would be LV/ULV versions of Auburndale. Now with Arandale taking the scene, we may see higher GHz's for less power. Arandale would be the perfect fit for the MacBook Air.

    Yeah, or at least at a similar timeframe with Westmere (Bloomfield/Gainestown successor). I reread one of the articles about the Havendale/Auburndale cancelation and it looks like it says that Bloomfield/Gainestown and Lynnfield/Clarksfield 32 nm shrinks will come in the Back-to-school season. That looks like a delay of Westmere (Bloomfield/Gainestown successor) from H1 2010.

    Interestingly enough I have also heard that versions of Havendale/Auburndale without integrated GPUs will still be released (the ones with iGPUs will be canceled).

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