Intel RoadMap Article


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Mar 3, 2003
Orlando, FL
Mitthrawnuruodo said:
Great overview.

Now, if someone can tell me (NOT speculate as to) which of these processors are going into which Macs I would be happy...
More than likely, chips that don't actually exist yet. But they will run the x86 instruction set (otherwise Apple wouldn't put a P4 in the transition kit).


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
wow, impressive line up. no wonder that apple makes the switch. i doubt that the g5 can compete with 3.4 Ghz dual cores in Q1 2006. and it get's only worse for the G5 from there.

i hope apple makes heavy use of the dual cores and the VT. OSX is probably the only OS stable and efficient enough to use this VT thing. that would give OSX the advantage over the windows system it needs to be able to market it.



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Jun 24, 2004
You're not wrong - they do look very impressive. And if they're based on Dothan, surely that means they would work fine in a laptop? Even if it adds an extra 50% on top of the Dothans power requirements, it should still mean mighty battery life.... especially if they use the new battery tech (from Toshiba?). I'd love a 3ghz dual core powered PowerBook with a battery life of 6 hours..... oh and a 6800 Go gpu seeing as this is a wishlist :D